Circle of the Three Trees is an eclectic pagan collective with an emphasis on Druidry, based in Maryland. Between them they have more than 50 years as practicing pagans, and have been working together as a grove for almost a decade. Their aims are to harmonize the sometimes divergent threads in contemporary paganism, with a focus on practical application, experiential worship, and personal gnosis.

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3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Greetings! I am interested in learning about your Grove. I am predominantly of Scottish and Irish ancestry with 1/4 German and have been involved in Northern religion all my life. I am not politically correct,a professional, married with two grown children in college. I live in Hagerstown Maryland. I hope to heR back from you. Thank you. I remain, Respectfully, Mike Gast

  2. Hi Tsiskwa, Sorry for the delayed response. Life has been really hectic lately and feel somewhat overwhelmed. I am looking forward to receiving the OBOD course and meeting some people. If any of you your members ever get to Frederick, I have an office there and could meet locally for some lunch at a health food store nearby. Really at a crossroads in my life now and feel that I need a new path. Hail Our Gods And Ancestors. Mike Gast

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